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    The extreme Milwaukee, Wisconsin weather wreaks havoc on roofs, especially with the intense winter season. There comes the point when continual roof repairs aren’t enough to protect your home from the elements and is when homeowners should consider replacing their worn-down roofs.

    What often prevents people from this option is cost. Most homeowners have the assumption that roof replacement services will break the bank. However, this is not necessarily the case. A careful roof inspection can assess the condition of your roof and determine the scope of work needed to keep your home safe.

    Signs You Need a New Roof

    1. You’ve had your roof repaired several times and are experiencing issues such as water spots on your ceiling.
    2. Your roof is over 20 years old. Age is a factor when adding up the cost of repairs versus the cost of a new roof. At some point, it’s most likely more cost-effective to replace your roof than repair it.
    3. You notice dark streaks on your roof.
    4. Cracked, curled, or decaying shingles showing visible signs of aging can easily tear apart or go missing in inclement weather.
    5. You notice that your other homes in your neighborhood built around the same time as yours are getting new roofs.
    6. You can see the light shining through roof boards from the attic.
    7. You notice missing or broken shingles.
    8. You notice damaged flashing around the chimney, walls, or roof valleys. Flashing directs water away from these areas that are the most vulnerable to leaks. Damaged flashing can potentially cost thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.
    9. Your roof has sustained high winds, hail damage, or a severe storm; it’s a good idea to have it inspected. 
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    Milestone Xteriors has been providing high-quality roof repair and roof replacement services. As a family-owned and operated business, we are known for being a reputable, trustworthy, and dependable company for roofing services.

    Our professional roof replacement experts can provide a free, no-obligation roof inspection to assess your roof replacement needs. Just give us a call to make the necessary arrangements.

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    We pride ourselves on our efficiency; we source our materials from trustworthy, time-tested manufacturers. And as an authorized distributor, we’re able to provide contractor-level pricing to our customers. We pass on our savings directly to you!

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