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Thank you for trusting Milestone Xteriors with your recent residential or commercial project. We know that you take pride in your home, and we want to make sure that you feel great about the end result.

We understand that building a new home, restoring an old house, or repairing a storm-damaged home can be stressful. Our staff here at Milestone Xteriors wants to help you have a good experience in seeing your dream home come to life.

Please let us know how we did with your roofing, window, siding, or gutter project. 

We pride ourselves in educating customers to make an informed decision with transparent pricing, selecting high-quality products, and providing outstanding installation service with integrity and honesty.

Your feedback is important to us in ensuring that we’re providing the best possible service and outcome for you. When you take the time to leave a detailed review, it helps us learn how to improve.

In the space below, please include the type of project: roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation, siding repair or replacement, window repair or replacement, or gutter repair or replacement on your residential or commercial property. 

Please add additional information about your experience. Were you happy with communication at Milestone Xteriors? Was your project started and completed on time? Are the materials as expected? 

Were you given a reasonable amount of information to make a decision? 

Are you happy with the final outcome? If so, why? If not, why?

Did our staff do an excellent job of cleaning up after the project?

Do you feel that we lived up to our values of honesty, integrity, commitment, customer satisfaction, high-quality service products and services, and transparent pricing? If not, how could we have done better?

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