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Ecoasis Sol Shingles


Ecoasis Sol Shingles is a laminate shingle that features specially engineered solar reflective granules.

solar reflective shingles in wisconsin

Solar Reflective Shingles

The Ecoasis line of shingles feature Cool Roofing Granules from 3M that reflect solar rays, which may reduce the amount of heat entering your home and can result in lower attic temperatures compared to standard shingle colors. These shingles meet the required reflectance to be designated with industry leading energy conservation standards, including: ENERGY STAR, Cool Roof Rating Council, and California Energy Code, Title 24, Part 6 compliance. Colors with an SRI at 29 or above also meet LEED requirements. To augment the Ecoasis shingle line, Malarkey makes solar reflective 10″ EZ-Ridge XT and 10″ Hip & Ridge Strips in matching colors.

legacy shingles granular embedment

Superior Granular Embedment

Malarkey’s quality control combined with exceptional materials ensures superior granule adhesion and durability to protect your investment.

legacy shingles Double Rain Seal Protection

Double Rain Seal Protection

A rain seal helps hold shingles in place during high winds and protects against wind-blown rain entering beneath the shingles. Malarkey laminate shingles are manufactured with an extra line of defense in the critical area for laminated shingles, with double SEBS asphalt rain seals. Malarkey’s SEBS asphalt has adhesive properties to join the shingle together and cohesive properties to prevent it from separating. SEBS is also flexible down to 0F (-18C), ensuring the rain seal remains intact through freeze and thaw cycles.

Limited Wind Warranty legacy shingles

Limited Wind Warranty

Windsor shingles come with a 110 mph/177 kph Limited Wind Warranty.

Limited Wind Warranty legacy shingles

Enhanced Wind Warranty

Windsor shingles are eligible for a 140 mph/225 kph Enhanced Wind Warranty Protection when Malarkeys Smart Start shingle is installed, shingles are six nailed, and Malarkeys supporting products-Right Start UDL, Arctic Seal, SecureStart, or Malarkey Hip and Ridge Shingle (EZ-Ridge 222*-224*) or Hip & Ridge Strips (225*-227*)** are used.

Features & Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Material Warranty
  • 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty
  • 130 mph (225 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty Available
  • Your Choice Warranty Program
  • 12-year Right Start Warranty
  • Ecoasis Sol is ENERGY STAR? and CRRC Listed, and CEC Title 24, Part 6 Compliant


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Tumbleweed sol shingles repair in wisconsin


When it comes to a great alternative to a traditional roof for your home, the benefits of ecoasis sol shingles in Wisconsin are undeniable.

These state-of-the-art shingles are manufactured using a wood-fiber that allows moisture to drain easily from the underlying surface, providing a more durable roof covering. With less maintenance and wear and tear, you will enjoy the many benefits of ecoasis technology for years to come.

Even though you will see a slight initial increase in your electricity bills when installing ecoasis sol shingles in Wisconsin, the benefits will pay off ten-fold as soon as the first one becomes damaged. These shakes feature a unique design that helps to reduce heat build-up inside the home.

The water vapor that is forced up into the attic will cool off the interior of your house, which will in turn, lower your heating costs. This is a much-needed relief for those suffering through severe winters where the heat makes everything feel extremely uncomfortable.

In addition to the energy savings provided by the water vapor insulation, this type of shingle has been proven to reduce the amount of sagging experienced by homes located in the most northern climates. As a matter of fact, it has been found that homes with the lowest amount of sagging of the highest quality of siding materials used.

This means that you can expect your new roof to last longer before needing to be replaced. You can also expect to experience fewer issues with peeling paint and fading ceilings and walls. Not only is this cost-effective, but it is also better for the environment as well.

 With an oasis slate roof installed over your existing roof, you can expect to enjoy all the benefits of ecoasis sol shingles. Not only will the shingles provide superior protection against insects such as spiders and ticks, but they will also discourage animals such as deer from entering your yard.

These animals cause damage to roofing materials, so having a barrier in place prevents them from getting in. This prevents you from constantly having to spend money on pest control products.

One of the main benefits of ecoasis sol shingles is their superior roofing qualities. When roofing your home, you want to make sure that your roof can withstand wind loads and temperatures. Most eco-friendly shingles can withstand these types of weather conditions.

This is a great advantage because you will not have to replace your old roof any time soon. If you live in a part of the world where winters can be harsh, installing eco-friendly shingles is a wonderful way to keep your home warm during the winter.

Shingles are made of materials that can withstand high heat without leaking. You can enjoy all the benefits of installing a new roof for your home, but if it can’t withstand fire, then you will not enjoy the added benefits. If you have an older home that has already been damaged by fire, then replacing the roof may prove to be too expensive of an expense.

When you are considering installing eco-friendly roofing materials, make sure you install ones that can withstand fire as well. Contact us for a FREE quote.


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