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    Milestone Xteriors is proud to offer commercial roofing services. If you own a business you want to ensure that your property is safe from weather damage and other threats. To do so, you need a strong roof and a reliable roofing company to help you keep it that way.

    So what can you expect when hiring Milestone Xteriors? We provide a variety of services to ensure that whatever your issue, we can resolve it quickly.

    Is Your Building’s Roof Leaking?

    Investing in your building’s roof is investing in your business. Regular roof maintenance helps protect your company’s assets and prevent unsafe working conditions. You know you have a problem when you find:

    • Roof leaks
    • Blow-offs, tenting, or billowing
    • A faulty installation
    • Lack of maintenance
    • Ponding water or water standing for more than 48 hours
    • Punctures and penetrations
    • Safety hazards such as fires, slips, or falls.
    • Improper repair
    • Shrinkage or erosion

    Milestone Xteriors’s commercial roofing services include new roof installation, fixing leaks, repairing storm damage, and providing general maintenance. As your transparent commercial roofing contractors, we work by your side as we inspect your roof, understand the losses and suggest the right plan of action.

    Milestone Xteriors offers affordable rates and financing options to fit any budget. 

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    best commercial roofing services in wisconsin
    commercial roofing services in wisconsin

    Finding the best Commercial roofing Contractor doesn’t have to be a painful experience

    Commercial roof inspections are important for several reasons. In the most basic terms, a commercial roofing inspection is a visual examination of a commercial roof by professionals like us at Milestone Xteriors to determine if repairs are needed and if so, which ones are necessary for the roof to remain functional. The inspection is a journey of discovery for the commercial roofing crew, and it will highlight what’s wrong today and what will likely go wrong in the near future. As the inspection progresses, a commercial roofing professional in Wisconsin can offer a host of solutions to fix or replace your damaged roof, based upon age and how extensive the damage is.
    Here are some tips to check commercial roofing systems.
    When you have a commercial roofing inspection conducted, it’s important to have all of your records on hand. Among the important items to bring with you are copies of repair bids, estimates and related receipts. This information is critical not only to the success of the inspection but also to making sure that all of your repairs meet the original warranty. In addition, you will want to bring along an estimate on the cost to replace any shingles and nails that were used to install your roof, as well as any other materials that have deteriorated and must be replaced.
    An inspection isn’t complete without looking at the roof surface, and one of the things to look for during your commercial roofing inspection is discoloration. If you notice a discoloration in patches, you may need to have your roof repaired before the problems are corrected. It’s also important to note if there is a layer of undissolved cement or tar that has built up on the surface of the roof. If this is the case, it’s important to have it removed before the inspection is finished.

    Type of Commercial Roofing Materials for your Business in Wisconsin


    When it comes to protecting commercial buildings from the elements, there are few options as effective as commercial roofing materials in Wisconsin like polyurethane spray foam. This highly resilient material can withstand tremendous amounts of water, wind, and hail, ensuring long-term durability and reliability for your roof. SPF is also known as polyurethane foam or polyurethane insulation. It is a type of thermosetting polymer that can be applied to metal, concrete, slate, and tile roofs. The most used types of SPF in residential roofing systems are roofing tar, granulated SPF, and fiberglass.

    Fiberglass is another one of the common types of commercial roofing materials. Fiberglass roofing is made up of tiny glass fibers that are fused together under high heat and pressure. They offer superb water and energy efficiency, but they are prone to developing cracking, breaks, and leaks over time. Moreover, fiberglass does not have a thermal quality, which means that the roof does not provide a safe and efficient thermal envelope to store heat during the day or cold air during the night.

    Flat roofs are also among the most popular commercial roof types that we work here at Milestone Xteriors. A flat roof is the simplest form of a roof and comes in many forms including single metal, multiple layers of single or multiple layers of metal, wood shingles, asphalt, and clay tile roofs. All these materials are fire resistant and provide excellent insulation. However, it must be borne in mind that the installation process and repair costs for flat roofs are much higher than for other types of roofs.

    Furthermore, such structures need to undergo repair and maintenance on a regular basis, which adds to its maintenance and repair expenses. Such structures are suitable for developing small to medium-sized commercial properties.

    The most popular commercial roofing types are pitched roofs, pergola, and dormers. Pitched roofs are flat, free-standing, usually attached to buildings. Pergolas are usually free-standing but may be incorporated into the design of a building as an extension. Dormers are square, rectangular, or V-shaped structures, which create space between the outer wall and the roof plane. The roofing materials used for these types of structures are usually clay tiles, gravel, and stone, and often are used to create a gable or steeply pitched roof.

    The main advantages of installing new commercial roofs are that they improve the energy efficiency of a building and add value to the property. Apart from this, commercial roofs are designed to provide maximum security to the building owners. The installation process involves laying the shingles, placing the roof above the ground, and reinforcing the structure to avoid any damage.

    Types of commercial roofing systems have changed over time and have been implemented in places from all Wisconsin. While the traditional method of laying shingles was called box cutting, today, there are various techniques, which are used. During the construction process, the buildings are covered with plywood sheets, before being topped with asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles, which are produced using a complex manufacturing technique, are known to be the strongest roofing material available. Modern asphalt shingles are more durable, cost effective and lightweight.

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