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Wether we need to fix, repair or replace your entire roofing system from old age or Mother Nature; we provide exceptional service to restore your home according to your desires all the while efficiently meeting your budget.

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    In Lauderdale Lakes, everyone knows that the best roofing service is provided by the Milestone Xterior. Highly qualified engineers and professionals work for us. Our main objective is to meet the demands and satisfaction of our clients. So, if you need any type of roofing solution then here we are to help you in this regard.


    Do you need to unexpectedly replace your roof?

    Some areas are more prone to storms, hailing, and unforeseen weather. These conditions often affect your roofs. Besides, old age and bad installation also lead to the condition where you need to repair or replace them. Furthermore, rain-storm and thunders also cause damage to windows, sidings, and gutters. These worn-out conditions affects your property and also cause a threat to the safety of your house.Sometimes, you need to consult any professional whether there is a need to repair your roof or not. These are the situations when you need trustworthy people to work for you and gives you proper insurance. Our company has an excellent record in dealing with insurance companies. So, all you need is to contact us.


    We are very careful and choosy about the services we provide. Our manifesto is to provide the best quality services. We don’t comprise on our quality at any cost! We know the integrity of your property. So, you can trust us in all situations.

    Milestone Xteriors is the best choice for all your problems and queries. Our highly qualified staff give you all the suggestions so that you can choose the one which you think suits you the best.

    Choose The Best Install Service Provider

    If you want the best quality work for your house then you need to ask us for this. We provide excellent service to our customers. Professional staff, proper communication, and free consultation are our major services. Our goal is to make you satisfied.

    Our highly trained staff and properly equipped staff provide you the best recommendations and assessments you need. This will help you to avoid any unfortunate situation in the future.



    A company is known by its staff members. Good and trained members give the best quality work. Hence, keeping that in mind we have hired the best professionals to serve you. They are trained to communicate with you properly and satisfy you through their work. They work day and night to meet the demands of their clients. All we need is your satisfaction!


    Our priority is to use such material that can withstand any type of harsh weather. The quality of the material is very important for us. This ensures the safety of our customers and which is very valuable for us. Likewise, if the quality of the product is good then you do not have to replace or fix it after a short time interval. Best quality gives long-lasting results. We are here to provide you the best service by maintaining the quality of our material and work.


    We are here to serve you. Time is not a hurdle for us to reach you. Whether it is day or night we are here to serve you. Milestone Xteriors provide 24/7 services. You can contact us for emergency repair, routine maintenance, rain/storm damage, and so on.


    Any type of damage whether it is something you want to fix, repair, or replace we are present to serve you. Our goal is to give you complete satisfaction. Our professionals will help you to understand the stepwise process of repairing and installation so that you can know about the problem and its possible solutions. They help you to decide the way you want the repair and installations. Ultimately, this will lead to the desired outcome of the customer.


    we offer a free assessment, and consultation. Professionals give you measures and calculations so that you can know about the damage and loss. This will ultimately help you to decide the type of measures you want to opt for your house according to your need and budget.

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