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Enjoy the best roofing services in Grafton, WI. With Milestone Xteriors, you will get high-quality results that will last longer than any other Grafton roofing company in town. We have the experience and tools to make your property the safest place in earth.

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    If you are looking for the best roofing service in Grafton, then Milestone Xteriors is the right place. We offer the best and reliable service. We have a well-trained staff. Our main objective is to maintain the highest quality of our work. We always prefer the satisfaction of our customers over any other thing. Improper installations, storms, bad weather, and other such conditions make roofs weak and worn out. In order to normalize the situation of your roof, you just have to contact us. The rest will be our responsibility.

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    Looking for some Roofing Replacement Services in Grafton, WI?

    A proper inspection of your entire property can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of future out of pocket expenses.Storms and heavy rainfall always have a bad effect on the roofs of houses. In such a condition, there is a need to rebuilt or repair the damaged roofs over and over again. Those areas always need a good and trustworthy roofing company. Hence, in all these conditions you require a company that has a good record for insurance policies. Our company tries its best to restore the damage done by the storms in the best way possible.Furthermore, if you think that roof, gutters, windows, and any other such item of your house has become too old. Then in such conditions, we are here to help you. Moreover, after a heavy storm of wind, rain and hail you can consult us about what type of service you should opt for. This will help you to prevent any future damage.

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    We value your property. So, we always do our best to meet your all demands according to the situation. Our professional roofing contractors in Grafton recommend the best solutions at affordable prices. Our clients and their satisfaction are our first priorities. There are a lot of roofing problems. While the only roofing solution is Milestone Xterior company.

    Choose The Best Roofing Installation Services in Grafton, WI

    When it comes to repairing or replacing your home xterior then Milestone Xterior is the best option to choose. We always use the best high-quality product for repairing which is durable and long-lasting. We prefer to communicate properly with our customers so that they can clear their doubts and uncertainties.

    After a proper examination of your house, our highly trained staff will give you all the recommendations you need to repair and fix your home. Our staff members are always well equipped. They are not afraid of tiring jobs rather they do their best to fulfill your demands. So, if you are looking for the best roofing service then do contact us and make an appointment.

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    Whatever the situation is, we do not compromise on the quality of our work. For this purpose, we have hired highly qualified staff. Our team members are so friendly and trustworthy that you will feel good and safe while discussing the problems of your house. They will recommend the best solutions within your range. Also, they provide you step by step guide for the safety and establishment of your house.


    We always prefer quality over everything. We use such material that can withstand every type of season. So that you do not have to repair it after some time. Long-lasting products are the main ingredient of our work. We use the best material so that you do not have to waste your money on repairing a single item again and again.


    We provide 24/7 services. So, you do not have to worry about the time. Whether it is day or night we are here to serve you in all conditions. Our service is always available whether you want your regular maintenance service, emergency service. So, you do not need to worry just give us a call and we will be there to serve you in no time.


    Damage can be of any type. And we have all the solutions to repair it. We offer the best solutions for remodeling. We discuss properly with our clients about the type and service they want to get the desired results. Our team gives them all the possible solutions and let them decide what type of work or amendment they want.


    We offer a free assessment, and consultation. Qualified and trained engineers are there to help you. They will measure the loss and damage caused by any unfortunate situation. They will stick with you in such a case and fix all your problems.

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