Best Entry Doors for the Wisconsin Winter Conditions

Best Entry Doors for the Wisconsin Winter Conditions

Best Entry Doors for the Wisconsin Winter

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We all know how absolutely brutal Wisconsin winters can be. Not only do you personally have to be ready for winter, but you also have to ensure that your home is just as prepared. That’s why today we’re discussing entry doors that can withstand anything that a Wisconsin winter can throw at them. Not only are entry doors the first thing you really see when you go up to a home, but they’re the major point of movement, meaning they have to be more durable than any other door that you might have. We’re going to be discussing what some of the best attributes are for an entry door that will be making sure you will never have any issues with it, especially as colder weather begins to set in.

What should I be looking for in an entry door for the Wisconsin Winter?

There are four key things you should be looking at when looking at a door that is specifically designed to handle a cold winter. The first is insulation. This is simple. You need to make sure that your entry door has the insulating material necessary from preventing warm air from escaping, and any colder air from coming inside. The second is weather resistance. Your entry door needs to be able to handle high winds, while also repelling both moisture and heat.
Nothing is worse than getting a flimsy door that cannot handle the pressure of a windy winter day. This goes alongside another attribute, which is strength. You do not want to be having to replace your exterior entry door time and time again. You want something that can withstand use for years to come. Finally, getting a great warranty! This allows you to get a replacement door should anything go wrong.

Can you tell me about some of the best door materials for winter conditions?


Perhaps the most traditional choice for an entry door is one that is made out of wood. The very first thing to know about wooden doors is that they require the most maintenance out of the rest of the options. They are very sturdy, and most of them have been factory treated for harsh elements. But, again, they require a lot of maintenance and are best in protected environments.


These exterior doors are known for design versatility, insulation, and strength. You will never have any issues with elements or security. You will not even have to deal with rust, or warpage. These doors are expensive, but they can truly do it all, and for very little maintenance over time.


When it comes to strength, it doesn’t get any stronger than a steel door. They have an impenetrable design that is only weak due to the fact that you can deal with rust, dents, or corrosion. However, these doors can still last throughout decades of wear.

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